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I'm Tavia Gilbert, a New York-based performer, publisher, and writer. You may have gotten to know me as the award-winning voice of more than 500 audiobooks, but at Juniper Street Photography, you'll find my work expressed through visual art.

Even though I've had success for over a decade developing profitable partnerships in the publishing industry, I am drawn to create a different kind of art — one that inspires peace, goodwill, and joy through moments of beauty. 

Each of my thoughtfully-designed items has been created with attention to detail and quality. My unique and meaningful images are perfect for someone you love, to compliment your home, office, and community spaces, or to celebrate special events. 

I invite you to browse my online store to discover the pieces that speak most to you,
or contact me to design a one-of-a-kind custom piece.

So very glad you’re here. 

~ Tavia


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I work with fine gift shops, florists, corporations, wedding & events planners, interior designers, and more to offer a variety of special fine art lines to individuals and businesses, small and large. I offer my wholesale partners discounted prices on high-quality and sustainably-sourced cards, postcard-calendars, candles, and custom wall art. 

The beautiful offerings of Juniper Street Photography will be the perfect compliment for your space or event, delight you and your recipients, and fit within your budget. I welcome you to become one of my partners today!


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